Retrofitting & Refurbishing

High quality retrofitting & refurbishing services

We understand new systems are not always the optimal resolution

We offer quality Retrofitting and Refurbishing services because we recognize that maintaining operational and properly functional equipment can prevent the consumption of time and monetary resources.  In fact, replacing an existing machine with a new model may cause further aggravation, down time, and additional expenses through related system dependencies.

Years of experience has helped us develop a unique understanding of the functionality of a wide variety of process equipment resulting in improving our management and execution procedures regarding retrofitting and refurbishing projects. We promise to utilize our years of expertise and work with your team on achieving the best possible end results for your company’s needs.

  • Retrofitting Services
    • Removal/Replacement of antiquated equipment
    • Platform alterations
    • Prefabricated Stack demolition/erection
    • Design and fabrication of ancillary equipment
    • Examples of the equipment modification process are:
      • Altering directional orientation of machine (left hand to right)
      • Additional support systems
      • Alteration to the method of actuation
      • Hydraulic to pneumatic
      • Electro-pnuematic conversions
  • Refurbishing Services
    • Equipment analysis
    • Equipment rebuilds
    • Servicing a wide variety of equipment, including:
      • Pumps
      • Gear pumps
      • Stranders
      • Extruders
      • Cablers
      • High speed balancing
  • Additional Services

    In addition to our Retrofitting and Refurbishing, we also provide:

    • Bore scoping
    • Laser alignment
    • Motor coupling alignment

Years of expertise achieving the best results

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