Engineering & Plant Layout

Over 20 years of structural design

Design Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Using the latest in CAD technology, we can create two-dimensional layouts of your overall plant or focus on a specific area, and then apply them to the extent that you deem fit. The customer’s need determines whether these graphics serve as a book-keeping purpose or as a means of structural integration.

The task of adding infrastructure or custom fabricated structures to your plant layout can sometimes be a daunting experience. Spatial issues, clearances, undersized process delivery lines, and electrical capacity can often be overlooked. In order to simplify this process, The Collins and Jewell Company offers its customers the ability to coordinate alterations and increase the infrastructure of their plants efficiently through a detailed drafting process.

We can work off of existing drawings in a multitude of electronic formats, or we can create entirely new plant layouts catered to your specifications. With over 20 years of structural experience, our drafters will come out to your facility and document existing equipment, your current plant layout, and its infrastructure.

If structural alterations or additions are required, these drawings can be assembled to minimize errors associated with clearance complications and accessibility. Full three-dimensional layouts are constructed to illustrate the feasibility of each design, which allows for an easier customer review process.

All of our custom part drawings can be assembled to include:

  • Erection sheets
  • Two and three-dimensional component drawings
  • Three-dimensional model layouts

Flexible Design

In the event that new process equipment is required, we can alter your plant layout to support your increased equipment needs in the most efficient arrangement possible.

Foot-print drawings can be assembled to display:

  • Architectural key points; such as walls, support columns, roof penetrations, etc.
  • Process supply points (chilled water, tower water, compressed air)
  • Equipment’s make and model descriptions
  • Storage points (commonly referred to as work in progress)
  • Busbar and cable tray layouts
  • Process and Instrument Drawings (commonly referred to as P&ID’s)
  • Entire process line layouts

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