Collins & Jewell Company Newsletter April 2019

New Babies

April has been an exciting month for 2 of our employees who welcomed new additions to their families! Michelle Lancellotta (left) gave birth to her son, Hunter on April 8th and Kyle Matthews’ girlfriend welcomed their son, Casey (right) on April 20th. Congratulations to both Michelle and Kyle and their families!

Customer Deliveries

Over the last year, C&J has fabricated several large structures (pictured below) for a customer and delivered every piece with their own trucks and drivers. Due to the size of these loads, most of the deliveries had to take place at night. 24 super load deliveries were made and each load made it to the destination successfully and without a hitch!

Manufacturing Pipeline Initiative Update

The Norwich Bulletin published an article this month (4/6/2019) about the Eastern Connecticut Pipeline and how great of an impact it is having on the economy and local businesses in this region. Collins & Jewell employee, Patrick Walton, was featured in the article as he graduated from the program for welding in 2018. Patrick was hired at C&J as a base tradesman, with no prior welding experience, and was placed in the Pipeline program. Patrick is now a skilled tradesman and is doing a job that he loves. Patrick is one of several C&J employees who have graduated this program and it is evident how the Pipeline greatly benefits our employees and our company. To read the article in the Norwich Bulletin, please visit: https://www.norwichbulletin.com/news/20190406/eastern-connecticut-pipeline-program-paying-off

Egg Hunt 2019

Who says Easter egg hunts are just for kids?! Before the long weekend, on-site employees participated in egg hunts Thursday morning! We had 3 winners of the “golden eggs” throughout the day! Thank you to all who took part in the fun! We hope everyone had a great Easter!