Collins & Jewell Company Newsletter February 2018

C&J would like to congratulate our Maintenance Manager, Nathan Morris, on completing the Diesel Mechanics/ Heavy Truck Maintenance program at Penn Foster Career School. Nathan completed the coursework in less than 6 months and excelled in his classes. His increased knowledge obtained from this program will benefit C&J and its equipment tremendously. Congratulations, Nathan.

Fronius Welder

The Fronius TPS 400i promises to be a leap forward for Collins & Jewell’s shop welding capabilities. This machine will be used initially to develop more flexible and user-friendly pulse-GMAW aluminum welding procedures for a wider array of materials, and has already demonstrated an ability to make GTAW-like welds on gauge aluminum material in the 3F position. The TPS

400i is a 400 amp power supply intended primarily for GMAW processes including analog, pulse, and pulse on pulse GMAW. The machine’s software include synergistic modes which allow it to respond in real time to slight adjustments by the welder, and comes pre-programmed with various material, gas, filler and parameter combinations. Besides improved ergonomics and other welder-friendly features, the user interface allows additional programs to be added or altered at any time, and welder profiles, unique jobs and welding procedure specifications to be stored in the machine’s onboard memory.

Miller Dynasty 400

Like the Dynasty 300 model currently in use at the shop, the new Dynasty 400 is a water cooled power supply, bu

t offers a 100 amp capability and accompanying increased duty cycle over the old machine. It is capable of AC/DC GTAW processes, including Pulse GTAW, advanced waveform control for AC welding and user programmability. The new model includes a memory card port to allow for software updates and waveform/program expansions.

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