Collins & Jewell Company Newsletter September 2017

EAMA Conference

Collins & Jewell owners Chris Jewell and Brian Dudek, along with C&J Management Gary Smith, Ralph Watson and Charles Biederka, attended the 1st Annual EAMA Conference on August 9th. The evening consisted of networking with other manufacturers and an informative and inspirational talk from guest speaker Simon T. Bailey. The C&J representatives in attendance got a lot out of the event and left feeling enthused with an abundance of new ideas! What a great evening put on by EAMA and sponsored by Eastern Savings Bank!

Nelweld 6000

C&J recently purchased the Nelweld 6000 for the shop. This drawnarc welding machine is capable of shooting studs with diameters from 3/16” through 1” at a rate of up to 50 studs per minute. This industry-leading equipment will allow Collins & Jewell to better serve a wide range of customer needs from commercial structural to shipbuilding.

Safety Committee

Pictured below are the members of the 2017 Collins & Jewell Safety Committee. From left to right, the members are Allen Winski, Chuck Beckwith, Nate Morris, Roger Griswold, Ralph Watson, Ron Herbert, Joe Corriveau III, Tony Cedio III, Wally Mitchell, and Mark Brown. The purpose of this committee is to reduce risk of injury and illness, ensure compliance with Federal and State safety regulations, identify hazards and seek solutions.

C&J’s “Hawaiian Shirt Friday” Contest Winners!!!

September Birthdays at C&J

  • Kevin Lavoie – September 3rd
  • James Cedio – September 7th
  • Kevin Monahan – September 11th
  • Jack Richards – September 17th

September C&J Anniversaries

  • Anthony Cedio III – 15 years
  • Brian Lancellotta – 13 years
  • Joe Gullak – 4 years

Thank you for your years of hard work!

C&J Takes a Look at the Eclipse

On August 21st, some of our employees stepped outside to see the eclipse. Those welding hoods came in handy!