Collins & Jewell Company Newsletter August 2017

GNACC Legislative Breakfast

Ralph Watson and Shawn Rector (L.E.A.D.) of Collins & Jewell attended the GNACC Legislative Breakfast on June 27th. The local legislature that were present include Senator Paul Formica, Senator Cathy Osten, Senator Heather Somers, and State Representatives Holly Cheeseman, Christin Conley, Doug Dubitsky, Mike France, Kathleen McCarty, Kevin Ryan, and Kevin Skulczyck. The legislatures were discussing their plan to pass a version of a state spending plan by the end of the week.

Miller ProHeat 35 Induction Heating System

The Miller ProHeat 35 Heating System was introduced to the C&J shop a few weeks ago and has already had a huge impact on production! This machine helps heat applications in minutes that would otherwise take hours to heat. It is most useful for preheating metal for welding preparation or to maintain heat. Heat is applied to the part by way of flexible leads which remain cool to the touch during operation.  Up to six thermocouples are used to monitor and control heat.  Temperatures of up to 1,450°F can be reached for preheat or post weld heat treatment. (Pictured with the machine is C&J’s Mark Brown.)

Cribmaster eCab Vending Machine

Collins & Jewell recently purchased the eCab vending machine from Airgas for our shop. This machine allows C&J to store and manage a wide-variety of items while helping to reduce consumption and replenishment costs. With the Cribmaster’s Inventory Management software, our Purchasing Department is now able to track high-volume items and easily replenish what is needed.

(Pictured is Paul Boarman of Airgas with C&J Purchasing Manager Brian Lancellotta.)

New Employees

  • Max Veiga – Drafting Intern
  • Patrick Walton – Base Tradesman
  • Matthew Dudek – Facilities Handler
  • Josh Trakas – Shop Fabricator/Welder


August Birthdays at C&J

  • Dan Liebenthal – August 7th
  • Zeke Merchant – August 22nd
  • Tessie Corcoran – August 23rd
  • Charles Biederka – August 26th
  • Allen Winski – August 28th
  • Andres Vanegas – August 29th

Freeport McMoRan Employee Appreciation Day

C&J delivered the EAMA trophy (created by C&J employee Doug Smith, pictured on the left) on July 20th to Freeport McMoRan so that they could proudly display it for their Employee Appreciation day this month, where they invite employees’ families into their shop and provide food and raffles. Freeport McMoRan, teamed up with NFA, were the winners of the “Best Overall Video” at the 3rd annual EAMA Video Competition held

C&J Shop Cookout

The shop crew picked a beautiful Friday last month and they all chipped in for a lunch break cookout! Not only can these guys weld and fabricate, they can cook too!

C&J’s “Hawaiian Shirt Friday” Contest Winners!!!