USS North Dakota: Our Contribution

Collins & Jewell Co. would like to congratulate our customer Electric Boat Groton on their record-time completion of the USS North Dakota. The submarine, which is the 11th member of the Virginia class, was christened November 2, 2013.

Collins & Jewell Co. is proud to have had the opportunity to work with Electric Boat Groton to supply several fixtures which facilitated some of the work conducted on this latest ship. An installation Fixture/Work Platform, the Cofferdam and the Protective Enclosure were all assembled at Collins & Jewell’s Norwich facility. The three fixtures work in concert to expedite construction and provide safety to personnel, machinery and ship components during work-on sections of the submarine’s bow. Their timely design and manufacture was a notable accomplishment for Collins & Jewell Co., made possible by close relationships between Electric Boat personnel and dedicated Collins & Jewell staff.